Pandanus demands a lot of place and effectively looks only as a single plant. For this purpose, who loves unpretentious fast-growing plants, Pandanus will approach in the best way. Pandanus is often confuse with bromelias and Draceanas. Pandanus differs by presence of air roots which as props support a plant trunk. Round the trunk are formed affiliated sockets which are better for cutting off that the basic trunk was more powerful and more magnificent.

Pandanus prefers warm places with temperature nearby 20°C, in winter minimum 16°C.

Pandanus loves a light place with a bright diffused light and protection against direct solar beams.

Watering should be moderated in the spring and in the summer – the soil should dry up, i.e. watering must be approximately every other day, since the autumn watering reduce to two times a week. Pandanus badly transfers surpluses of water, especially in the winter, to a dormant period.

Periodic spraying is necessary though Pandanuses transfer dry air.

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