Family of baobabs. The native land is the South America. This plant is new enough for the USA. Isn’t often meets in the literature.

On sale is often possible to meet Pachira in some trunks bound among themselves. As a rule, Pachiras are expensive plants as their cultivation demands the big efforts.

The temperature should be moderated or warm, in the winter optimum nearby 14-15°C, minimum 10°C.

The bright diffused light, with a quantity of direct solar beams is necessary, the place in an easy penumbra is possible. Pachira well grows at east and western window. At a southern window is required shadeness at the hottest received time.

In the spring and in the summer watering should be a moderate, top layer of earth should dry up to the following watering. Watering must be rare in the winter, to soil unless do not allow to dry up completely. Water for watering should be soft and warm. Pachira transfers dry air of place, but well responds regular spraying from a small spray.

Pachira breeds by seeds in the early spring, or shanks in August.

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