It’s an evergreen tree. Leaves are oval-extended. The flowers are of white color, of same sex& and fragrant. The orange blossoms on branches of a current gain. Fruits roundish, of yellow and orange color.

Oranges are exacting to light and heat. Flowering and infructescence is better occur at average temperature of air and soil + 15-18°C. In the winter oranges are recommended to be contained in a light cold premise (to 12°C).

The bright diffused light is necessary. It will be good about east and western window. Shadeness from the direct sun it is necessary in the spring and in the summer at the hottest time.

In the summer and in the spring is necessary to water plentifully 1—2 once a day with warm water, in the winter watering rare and moderated – 1-2 times a week and too warm water. However and it is impossible to suppose redrying of an earthen clod as it conducts to twisting of leaves and subsidence not only leaves, but also fruits in the winter. On the other hand, it isn’t necessary to forget that from surplus of a moisture of a plant perish. Since October having watered reduce.

Oranges regularly spray during the summer period but if they contain in the winter indoors with a central heating spray also in the winter. At the maintenance indoors with dry air oranges are exposed to an attack of wreckers (pincers).

Reproduction of oranges as well as lemons spend usually by inoculation, shanks and seeds. In room conditions the most widespread way of reproduction of citrus is shanking but to receive grades of oranges completely adapted for room culture, it’s necessary to deduce them from a sunflower seed, sowed in a room, and to grow up in room conditions.

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