The plant has received the name from Greek “nerion” – damp, crude. The native land – subtropical areas of the Mediterranean. An evergreen high bush with flexible branches.
The flowers publish pleasant and strong aroma, but at plentiful flowering the plant is better not to leave for the night in premises.
All operations, whether it be a scrap, shanking or change is necessary to spend in gloves very cautiously – the plant is very poisonous, especially lacteal juice and seeds. Upon termination of work it’s necessary to wash up hands with soap. Don’t admit the children to the plant.

In the winter Oleander contains in a cool place (13 °C).

The Oleander loves bright sunlight very much, well grows at southern windows. In the blacked out place it can dump foliage. For the summer period is possible to take out on fresh air on a solar place.

Watering must be plentiful in the summer. Watering must be moderated in the winter.

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