It is quite often enough expensive, however very interesting insectivorous plant, is a curiosity. The one who has «a flower window» or a show-window with sufficient humidity of air, should necessarily try to cultivate this remarkable ornamental plant. There are about 70 kinds of Nepenthes and also numerous of hybrid forms.

Nepenthes grows in damp warm areas of Asia, Australia and on Madagascar.

The effective jugs which are hanging down on long shanks, represent not the flowers but bright-colored, with dark stains modified leafe plates. On the native land in tropics of Asia these jugs constantly on 1/3 are filled by the liquid.

Nepenthes requires in light, however shadeness from direct solar beams place. All year long the temperature should not fall more low 20 ° C.Vazhnymi conditions for good growth are high humidity of air and regular watering with soft warm water. During active growth once a month in watering water is possible to add a little liquid fertilizer for window plants.

Nepenthes is damaged by a plant louse. Superfluous doses of nitric fertilizers lead to rotting of separate parts, and at cultivation in pure peat or a moss at a plant begins hloroz.

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