The native land is Brazil. Widespread enough plant which is appreciated by fans for beauty of leaves. Neoregelia strongly expands at width, a lot of place therefore demands, is better to place it on a separate support near to the window. It is especially beautiful Neoregelia Carolina. Its leaves reach 40 sm. in length and 5 sm. in width, have a light yellow strip on a leafe edge, the socket centre is painted in karminno-red color, and the flowers are of blue color. It’s necessary to tell that the socket middle reddens before the flowering of Neoregelia. It is necessary to notice that Neoregelia isn’t a whimsical plant for room cultivation and well transfers dry air.

The temperature should be usual as in the room nearby 22-25°C in the summer, in the winter cool 16-20°C, the minimum winter temperature must be 13°C.

Neoregelia is a photophilous plant. It’s necessary to protect Neoregelia from direct solar beams in the summer during hot time of day. The light premise in the winter is especially necessary. The best place in immediate proximity is a southern window or on a window sill east or western.

Neoregelia waters directly in the socket of leaves. Water should be necessarily well standing and have a room temperature. In the spring and in the summer water should be always in the socket of leaves which is updated at least once a month on the fresh. At the maintenance of a plant in the winter at temperature more low 17 °C to water better in soil, instead of to leave water in the socket. Having watered thus moderated – approximately once in 7-10 days.

Neoregelias love regular spraying which is obligatory if the plant is in too warm premise (at a central heating in the winter).

Breeds by lateral runaways which cut off after at them grow the roots. Also breeds by seeds which sow in friable soil (a mix half-and-half sand and the leafe earth).

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