The native land is the South America. In the nature are extended 7 kinds, there are the set of hybrids. The flowers of Miltonia are velvety and on appearance are similar on the flowers f garden violets, only is much larger, to 10 sm. in diameter. Miltonia blossoms usually in the beginning of summer and in the autumn.

Miltonia is thermophilic plant, in the winter optimum temperature must be nearby 20°C, a night minimum 16°C. Miltonia transfers very badlys sharp fluctuations of temperatures, and draughts for it can appear simply pernicious.

The light place is necessary, east windowr. With southern orientation of windows, to a plant it will be good in semimeter from a window under protection of a tulle curtain. In the winter illumination as should be good.

Watering should be plentiful during growth in the spring and in the summer, the soil should be damp all the time. In the winter watering must be limited.

Regular spraying can not give desirable results. Miltonias are required in humidity of air about 60-70 %, therefore it is better for placing on the pallet with water or a wet pebble.

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