The native land – tropical and subtropical areas, basically coastal areas of Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the Hawaiian islands, Philippines etc. In the nature it is extended about 50 kinds of evergreen trees or bushes.

The temperature should be usual in the summer, in the winter cool, in limits 8-12°C.

High-grade solar illumination is necessary.Shadeness is not required.

Watering should be plentiful from spring till the autumn, in the winter water so that the soil only completely didn’t dry up. Use only soft water to water Metrosideros.

Regular frequent spraying is necessary for the Metrosideros, but not the plant, but the air about it. It’s necessary to remember that Metrosideros – the plant of coastal areas where long time fogs and humidity keep reaches to 90 %.

Metrosideros breeds by shanks and seeds.

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