Family of the palm. The native land – Southern Asia, New Guinea, Polynesia, Australia. The palm tree of Livistona differs by fast growth, about Livistona is possible to tell that it is unpretentious enough. The most widespread problem are drying up tips of leaves which do not need to be cut off in the winter, it is done in the spring, with the growth beginning. Leaves cut off only when they completely will dry up.

In the summer the temperature should be moderated, and optimum winter temperature for a palm tree Livistona should be 14-16°C, minimum 8°C.

Very light place is necessary, the direct sun is useful. For uniform development of a crone, a palm tree Livistona periodically turn the different parties to light. In the summer whenever possible the palm tree take out in a garden, a place choose protected from a wind.

Watering must be uniform, in the summer plentiful, in the winter moderated. If a plant to overdry, leaves hang and on them there are stains.

Livistona loves regular, spraying, it’s better twice a day and from time to time it is useful to arrange a shower.

Livistona breeds by seeds easily enough, sow them in February-March.

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