Lily – a long-term grassy bulbous plant. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The sort totals about 100 kinds which grow in Europe, Asia and in the North America. The beginning of introduction of Lilies in culture leaves in the remote past. In modern floriculture by special popularity more decorative, high-quality hybrid lilies use. It is known more than 2000 grades. Lily is a photophilous plant. The height of plant is 150 sm.

For some millenia B.C. lilies cultivated not only as decorative, but also as medicinal, cosmetic and food plants. The Orange-red lilies also known since antiquity, symbolised blood of the Christ.

Myth and Legend about Lily

Ancient Greek myths attributed lilies the divine origin. According to one of them, once goddess Gera fed baby of Ares. Drops of the scattered milk have fallen to the ground and have turned to snow-white lilies. Since then these flowers became an emblem of goddess Gera.

At ancient Egyptians the Lily along with Lotus was a fertility symbol. The love to it was adopted also by Christians, having made a symbol of Maiden Maria. The direct stalk of a lily personifies its mind; the hung leaves modesty, gentle aroma divinity, white color chastity. According to the sacred Writing, the lily was held by archangel Gabriel when has notified Maria on a fast birth of the Christ.Spoke, as if she has grown from heart of the lost Cossack who was taking part in a gain of Siberia under leadership by Ermak. In the people it also named «imperial curls».

Lily of the valley


Lilies-of-the-valley are extended in all Europe, on Caucasus, in Asia Minor, China and in the North America. The Lily-of-the-valley grows in deciduous and pine, and also the mixed woods, on edges and glades.

After flowering of Lilies-of-the-valley on a place of showered petals there is a large red berry. At the North American Indians living in territory of the present State of Massachusetts, the Lily-of-the-valley was considered as a sacred flower. In the Western hemisphere the Lily-of-the-valley grows only in this staff. Scientists assume that the flower has got somehow there from Europe and for some reason hasn’t gone further. (Now it is one of three symbols of Massachusetts, others two – an elm and a seagull).

Myth and Legend about Lily of the valley

Exists a legend that in light moonlight nights when all Earth is filled with a deep sleep, Sacred Maiden surrounded with a wreath of silvery lilies of the valley, appears sometimes that from happy mortal for which prepares unintentional pleasure. When the lily of the valley fades, the small round berry combustible, fiery tears with which the lily of the valley mourns over spring, the round-the-world traveller, scattering all over the caresses and anywhere not stopping grows. The enamoured lily of the valley also has silently transferred the grief as bore also pleasure of love.

There is a legend that lily of the valley has appeared from bitter tears of Sacred Virgin at a cross of its crucified son.

According to an Ancient Greek myth the goddess of hunting Diana during one of her hunting walks fauns have wanted to catch her. They have trapped her, but the goddess has taken to the heels. From her excited face sweat droplets scattered. They were extraordinary fragrant. And there, where they fell, Lilies of the valley grew.

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