The native land is the South-East of Asia. As an indoor plant is extended Leea bright red and Leea coccinea. It is a sprawling bush with difficult peristo-rassechennymi leaves. A separate leaf – a segment of green color with purple outflow, pointed at the end, with wavy edge, length 7-10 sm. The whole leaf consisting of several pairs of “branches” with segments reaches to 60-80 sm. in length. Numerous of bright red flowers with pink bend of nimbus are collected in umbellate inflorescences.

The temperature should be moderated in the summer – nearby 20-22 °C, in the winter cool in limits 16-18°C, a minimum 15°C. Leea doesn’t suffer sharp fluctuations of temperatures and draughts.

The bright diffused light or an easy penumbra are necessary.

Watering must be in the spring – in the summer plentiful, the soil should be slightly wet. Watering is more moderate in the winter. Use only warm soft water.

Leea loves damp air, therefore it regularly spray with warm soft water.

Breeds by stem shanks which cut off in the summer.

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