Language of Flowers

Magic gift of flowers and their beauty make wonders. Communicating with these fine creations of the nature, the person becomes kinder, more gentle, spiritually more richly. Flowers the best intermediaries in dialogue between people. Flowers accompany us constantly during a life, give pleasure, personify love and attention. People often resorted to their gentle confidential, romantic language to be explained without words.

Aster – Grieve
Campanula Garrulity
Lily of the valley Returning happiness
Lily orange Burning hatred
Magnolia I Wish you to love
Poppy the Consolation
Daisy Innocence
Mimosa – Bashfulness, shyness
Cornflower – Delicacy, grace
Narcissus – Egoism, self-admiration
Forget-me-not – Recollect me
Orchid Beauty
Waterlily – Cleanliness of heart
Primrose – the Youth
Peony – Shame
Carnation red – Ardent love, passion
Snowdrop – the Consolation
Carnation white – Grieve
Carnation yellow – Contempt
Carnation motley – Coldness in love
Rose white Silence
Rose red Love, suffering from love
Rose black – Grieve
Dahlia Gratitude
Rose red and white Fire of heart
Rose yellow Incorrectness
Lilac the First excitements in love
Hyacinth the Entertainment, a joke
Tulip the Declaration of love
Viola Modesty
Chrysanthemum Affability

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