The native land – tropical areas of America. In the nature it is extended about 50 kinds. These are grassy plants with straight stalks. Leaves are large. Colouring of leaves at different kinds can be dark-green with reddish downity on a leave edge.

In the summer the temperature should be nearby 20-25°C. Kohleria has a dormant period at which it isn’t obligatory to cut off an elevated part of a plant. Optimum during rest the temperature should be nearby 12-15°C. In the winter the temperature should be minimum 10°C.

Kohleria is photophilous. Bright light is required, with shadeness from direct solar beams at the hottest time in the summer.

In the summer Kohleria waters plentifully, watering reduce in the autumn, and in the winter at the cool maintenance water occasionally, without supposing only full redrying of an earthen clod.

In the summer Kohleria requires very damp air, but Kohleria doesn’t transfer water hit on leaves. Therefore air humidify with frequent spraying round a plant from a small spray or place a pot with a plant on the pallet with a wet pebble.

Breeds by the tops of shanks and by rhizome.

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