The native land is Southern and South-East Asia, S. America. Kalanchoes grow as decorative-blossoming plants and as medicinal.

The temperature should be moderated. In the winter a dormant period at temperature 10-12°C, at the dry maintenance (i.e. having watered about once a month). A winterminimum 8°C. It’s better to contain on open-air on a balcony or in a garden in the summer.

It’s necessary bright intensive illumination, with direct solar beams, however at a southern window, probably, is necessary to make shade at the hottest time in the afternoon. Kalanchoes love a lot of light and the sun and in the winter and in the summer.

Watering must be moderated in the spring and in the summer, since autumn is reduced.

Kalanchoes are steady against dry air, but periodic spraying will not damage at all, and also will have the hygienic purposes.

Kalanchoe breeds by shanks, and also by seeds.

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