The native land is Asia, the Arabian item of an island, Transcaucasia, the North of China. In culture some kinds of Jasmine are extended. Jasmines are evergreen lianas with enough fragrant flowers, in general, unpretentious in cultivation if to observe a mode of cool wintering.

Jasmine contain at usual temperature in the summer. In the winter a jasmin contain at temperature nearby 8-10°C, a minimum 6°C. A jasmine of Sambak contain at temperature 17-18°C, a minimum 16°C in the winter, it’s desirable not above 22°C, at more heat it’s necessary to support high humidity of air.

Jasmine is photophilous plant, for good development and flowering it needs good illumination, with protection against direct solar beams in the summer at hot time in the afternoon. Jasmine grows well at east windows without shadeness.

In the spring and in the summer watering should be plentiful, the soil should be slightly wet all the time. Watering must be more moderate in the winter. Jasmine doesn’t transfer redrying of an earthen clod, but also stagnation of water in roots should be avoided. Water for watering of Jasmine should be tepid at any time of the year and necessarily soft. It’s better to use the filtered water or the boiled rain.

In the summer Jasmine regularly spray with soft water.

Jasmine breeds by shanks in the early spring and in the summer.

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