This plant with very gentle leaves on appearance reminds a fern. Though it also name a palisander, nevertheless with the present black rosewood (Dalbergia) it hasn’t something in common. Besides, Jacaranda also names pink tree.

Everywhere in tropical districts of globe is possible to meet Jacaranda with its charming dark blue or blue-violet bells – flowers there it became a widespread decorative tree. The native land of Jacaranda is Argentina, however now it grows in all areas with a warm damp climate.

In room culture stalks of Jacaranda remain thin. On appearance it reminds a fern, and the plant is already very attractive in youth. As an indoor plant distribution at us has received Jacaranda mimosifolia.

Though Jacaranda is very attractive plant, nevertheless at the usual maintenance in a room it delivers certain problems as for successful culture are very important warmly and high humidity of air. For the summer the plant can be taken out on fresh air, without forgetting to water it in due time thus.

The basic wreckers are web tick, and others. At wrong leaving on a plant there can be stains of decay of brown or grey color.

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