Hyacinths blossom by one of the first in a garden at the beginning of a season and please us with bright and extraordinary fragrant flowers. Modern hyacinths amaze with extensive colour scale: from white and pale yellow through different shades pink and lilac to claret, violet and even the black. A hyacinth – a universal plant which approaches for an open ground and also for cutting.

Dense inflorescences of hyacinths reach to 25-30 sm. in height. In each inflorescence contains to 30 of flowers.

The Environment of dwelling of hyacinths – the Mediterranean and southeast Asia. At botanys till now there is no common opinion, how many kinds in a sort of hyacinth (on different sources from 1 to 30).

Myth and Legend about Hyacinth

The legend about Hyacinth and Apolonne within millenia remains one of the most known stories about the origin of flowers.

The Ancient Greek legend says that the young man Hyacinth was the favourite of god Apollo. Hyacinth and Apollo arranged sports meets very often. Once, during sports meets, Apollo threw the disk and has casually thrown a heavy disk directly in Hyacinth. Blood drops have scattered on green grass and after a while have grown fragrant red flowers.

In France in 18 century hyacinth used for poisonings of those persons of which tried to get rid. Usually the bouquet which was intending for it was sprayed with something poisonous, and the flowers intended for a poisoning were put in bedroom of victim.

Hyacinth’s medical properties

At ancient Greeks Hyacinth was a flower of grief, a grief and death. According to the Ancient Greek legend, this favourite of god Apollo was lost by hand the envious person and has been transformed by gods into a fine flower.

The Hyacinth can be applied to treatment the same as a lily, a water-lily. But the Hyacinth has rare abilities: juice from its root interferes with development of hair and removes a sexual maturity. And broth of the root of Hyacinth successfully without chemical preparations, it is possible to treat tumours of eggs.

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