Family of arekovs (palm trees). Howeas are evergreen, hardy palm trees well approaching for cultivation in room conditions. In the nature two kinds – Howea fosteriana and Howea belmoreana. These large palm trees in a room will grow in due course to a ceiling.

The temperature should be moderated during all year – 14-18°C, it’s desirable not above. A winter minimum for Howea Belmora – 16°C, for Howea Forstera – 10°C. If Howeanevertheless grows at more heats nearby 22°C it’s necessary to spray it more often.

For Howea is necessary the light place, shadeness from solar beams. But it is not necessary to place this palm tree in the shaded place. In the winter illumination should be very good.

Frequency of watering, depends on temperature at which the plant contains. But, in general, watering should be uniform, in the spring and in the summer plentiful, and in the autumn and in the winter moderated. The soil should not be strongly crude, differently the soil sours, to what brown tips of leaves testify. The soil shouldn’t also dry up.

Fertilizer waterings spend from May till September weekly, with special fertilizer for palm trees or any liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.

Howea loves spraying and a shower very much, despite that some sources write that these palm trees transfer dry air. Therefore it wouldn’t be bad to spray Howea in the morning and in the evening. At the maintenance in the summer in a garden it is periodically possible to arrange a shower from a garden hose with a spray.

Breeds by seeds, but it’s difficult enough – at temperature 23-25°C.

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