How to Give Flowers



Many people don’t know about the flower finesses and about the rules of it’s giving. Who is not familiar with the skill to give flowers, these simple eternal rules will help you to solve this problem:

Flowers must be held in the left hand. With the right hand you have to greet the masters of house. First of all give flowers and only then a gift.

If flowers are covered into the simple paper, it must be removed before presenting. Besides those cases, when paper is decorative and is selected specially for this bouquet. Such bouquet must be placed in the vase necessarily with the holiday wrapping.

If you give bouquet to “celebrant-man”, then it is better to return it to the mistress of his house.

Never be troubled with your bouquet and you mustn’t hold it as a broom. And never put it into the packet, diplomat or knapsack. Hold it with pride and respect for that person, to whom you present these flowers.

The presented bouquets cannot be carried to another room, by the balcony or into another place. It wouldn’t be tactfully to the guests. It is better to carry out the flowers, where the holiday celebrates. It is necessary to suffice only small bouquets on the table so that they would not shut the guests.

Flowers are always appropriate.

Where ever you arrive, on the meeting or the birthday, to the celebration or to ask forgiveness, the best version there will be the bouquet of flowers, because this gift is universal.

Give flowers spontaneously

It isn’t necessary to wait opportunity in order to present the flowers. Indeed, all which is made unexpectedly – is doubly more pleasant. And as frequently you did not give flowers, they can never tire, because their forms, types of flowers, the colors are an improbable quantity. Only the different types of flowers will better express your ordinary words “I miss you !!!!”.

Flowers do not force

All women know that the flowers mean the simple attention, which can be taken by not returning anything. Although some women thaw and they don’t give only their smile, but also their LOVE.

There are some rules:

1. In a bouquet there should be strictly odd number of flowers. But on the big bouquets (more than ten flowers) this rule doesn’t extend.

2. The beautiful noble flower, for example a rose, looks well and in the single copy.

3. The small apartment doesn’t need to be decorated with flowers on high stalks as visually they will make it even less.

4. For children it is better to make a composition of cheerful and easy flowers: asters, dahlias.

5. To women can give the dismissed flowers, but to girls — the semirevealed buds.

6. To men present bouquets from large flowers, for example carnations or dahlias.

7. The bouquet for the sick person shouldn’t publish strong aroma.

8. For an anniversary don’t give modest flowers, for solemn occasions choose magnificent and big bouquet.

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