How to Buy Flowers

Probably, not all know that the plants purchased in the store experience dual stress. The first stress the plant obtains when it was it delivery in the store. As a rule home plants grow up for sale, , in the hot-houses, where high humidity, the temperature and the corresponding illumination are supported. Now the majority of stores propose the flowers, brought from Holland and also from Thailand and other countries. Even if firm tried to maximally correctly and carefully conduct delivery, the; plant will be in the state of stress, in this case it will look well. So, plant came in the store, where the specified conditions are created for it. Didn’t have plant time to become accustomed, as people buy it. Even if you care about the correct transport, in your house nevertheless would be created the other conditions, different from those that were earlier. If you choose in the store the healthy, strong, young plant, after which was cared well, then, possibly, you will not even note the manifestations of stress in plant, it will feel wonderfully. Therefore how correctly you will choose plant or flowers, it depends, how it will be adapted to the new conditions in your house.

— Try not to buy large adult plant. Young plantstransfer stress situations better, more easily and more rapidly are adapted to the changes of content conditions. Adult plant, even taken in very caring hands, will be painfully adapted for a long time, even if it is considered unpretentious. Certainly, if plant is bought in the office, certanly it will be a large plant, transport and acclimatization of which can create problems. In this case ask the store if it makes delivery and are there guarantees, at least for the first period. Visit several stores before the purchase, select that, where they will give more professional occupational consultation and will propose packing, delivery, and the help in the case of some failures.

— Selecting plant in the store, pay attention to the place, where the plant stands. Don’t buy plants, which stood in the passages, near the open doors or close to the window glass. If plant stood in the passage, they could catch or even rumple it, plants which were stood at the doors could suffer from the drafts and the sharp a temperature differential. The plants wich were setting close to the window glass, could obtain the sunburns, or be traumatized from the contact with the cold glass. All these situations can not leave on the plant of noticeable track, but compulsorily they will be said in the future.

— Selecting plant, touch the earth in the pot – it must be slightly watered, but it mustn’t be dry and damp (if the plant wasn’t watered a minute ago). There must not be water in the pan. There must not be voids between the walls of the pot and the earth. On the clay pot there must not be a green or white coating. Also there must not be green coat on the earth. On the leaves there must not be dust or especially there must not be cobweb. Pay attention not only to the plant which you chose, but also pay attention to the other plants. If these conditions are not observed, then do not buy plant in this store, because it’s the sign& of missing professionalism and it is possible that there are plants which are infected by diseases and by wreckers.

— Ask the salesmen, how often they sprinkle plants and rubbed leaves.

— Attentively look around the plant, is there no wreckers on it, gray or white coating on leaves,flower sand stems, if there are no brown platelets on leaves, you will look around the reverse side of a leave. Certainly, you will not look around the large plant afrom all sides, but it is necessary to make it partially at least. If you will turn with the plant carefully, the salesman will not object to you.

— In the plant which you select the leaves must not be sluggish, twisted or have dry tips. There must be a lot of leaves evenly from all sides.

— If it’s efflorescent plant, then select that, on which there are more buds, than dissolved it is flowering.

Selection is made, you purchased it. The plant must be compulsorily packed, if winter or autumn, then must be even and shielding packing from the low temperature and the wind. If you convey plant in the car, then don’t put it in the baggage carrier, better place is on the rear seat. It is better, if you put it into the spacious box. So, in the box it is possible to deliver the plant in the public transport. If you don’t want the flower to fall down, you can fill in the box with paper. With the purchase of large plant, ask the store if they can deliver the plant.

The plant which you bought must survive the specific period of acclimatization. The duration depends of the whimsicality of the plant and of the conditions, under which it was existed in the store. In any event protect your plant from the straight solar rays and the from the drafts during several weeks. The temperature in the room must be moderate and the irrigation must be careful. Some especially sensitive plants during the acclimatization discard flowers and leaves, in that case plant must be supplied to the most suitable place and it must not be transported from place to place.

Shading from the straight solar rays is compulsory for the majority of plants, for the period of acclimatization, in the exception of the efflorescent pottery plants, which sell in winter- the azaleas, cyclamen, chrysanthemum. They must be placed on the well illuminated place on the window. If you selected the plant and don’t know anything about it – it’s the largest your mistake and omission. But try to learn about it more immediately as they brought it at home.

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