Family of amaryllis. The native land is tropical America. In the nature it is extended about 75 kinds. Now there is a considerable quantity of grades different the form and coloring of the flowers, all of them unite in a kind of Hippeastrum garden. This plant has big – to 20 sm. in diameter a bulb which goes deep into soil only half. Leaves are of belt form, collected in the radical socket, in the length about 50 sm. Blossoms in February – the beginning of March.

The temperature in vegetation period should be optimum 17-23°C. In a bulb dormant period store at 10°C.

The bright diffused light is necessary. Shade from a direct sunlight. After flowering high-grade solar illumination for development and maturing of bulbs is necessary.

Watering should be plentiful during flowering – the soil all time should be damp. In a dormant period hold in dryness.

If the plant is in a premise with dry air it is possible slightly spray buds from above. It’s impossible to spray the flowers or leaves, and also bulbs in a dormant period.

Breeds by affiliated bulbs during change and by seeds.

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