The native land is Southeast Asia. In culture the kind of Hibiscus Chinese (or the Chinese rose) Hibiscus rose-sinensis is extended. Sometimes in the literature this plant meets the name the Rose tree Chinese. It’s an evergreen bush, in house conditions from 70 to 1,2 m in height. Easily enough blossoms at good leaving large, flowers are to 12 sm in diameter. Flowering can be very plentiful and long – since spring till the autumn though the flowers don’t keep long – about two days. The flowers are of different shades – orange, yellow red, pink or white, and of different form – simple or terry. There are grades with motley leaves. For the summer the plant is better to take out in a garden, but the place should be protected from a wind and a little shady.

Hibiscus is thermophilic enough. Contain at temperature nearby 20-25°C in the summer. In the winter at 15-20 °C, minimum 13°C.

Hibiscus is the photophilous plant, prefers a bright diffused light, with a small amount of solar beams. The light premise in the winter is necessary. The best place for Hibiscus is at east or western window. At a southern window is required shadeness at the hottest time in the afternoon.

Watering must be plentiful since spring till the autumn. The soil should be damp all the time. In the winter the moderated. Avoid rehumidifying or redrying of an earthen clod. Don’t water with cold water.

From April till August Hibiscus feed up with special complex of fertilizers for blossoming indoor plants, every 3 weeks.

Hibiscus regularly spray.

Hibiscus breeds by stem shanks which are better for implanting in July-August.

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