The native land are tropics of Africa, an island Madagascar, East and Southern Asia. In the nature is about 100 kinds.

The temperature should be usual in the summer, but it’s desirable not above 22°C, or a plant put on the pallet with water. In the winter Gynuras perfectly feel at temperature 16-18°C, a minimum 15°C.

Gynuras are very photophilous, high-grade solar illumination is required to them.

In summer Gynura waters plentifully, in the winter moderately, the soil shouldn’t dry up completely.

Gynuras love damp air, therefore they can be placed on wide pallets with water or periodically to spray, only not when on a plant the sun shines.

Annually from May till September through everyone 3-4 weeks feed up with liquid complex fertilizer for indoor plants.

Gynura well breeds by shanks in the spring and in the summer.

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