The native land – damp rainforests of Southern Asia and Africa. Beautiful tuber plant in culture is presented by a kind of Gloriosa magnificent Gloriosa superba. A long-term liana with the runaways demanding a support. Leaves are of light-green color, on the end spirally twirled like short moustaches. The flowers are single, large – to 10 sm. in diameter. Long petals bright red, with yellow wavy edge are unbent back to a pedicel, there is a grade ‘Gloriosa yellow’ which has the yellow braided petals. Flowering is in the end of summer – an early autumn.

Gloriosa is thermophilic enough, in growth and flowering the temperature nearby 20-22°C is desirable. In the winter tubers store at temperature not more low 12°C (it is possible directly in a refrigerator). In the spring, with the advent of young runaways temperature increase gradually, it’s impossible to bring at once a plant from cool storehouse in a hot room – sharp difference of temperatures is pernicious for a plant.

It’s necessary good solar illumination, shadeness is necessary only at a southern window in the hottest sunny days in the summer.

Watering must be plentiful during growth, the earthen clod should be all time slightly wet. Watering reduce in the autumn when the leaves start to turn yellow. In a dormant period tubers don’t water.

In the spring is possible to start to feed up liquid fertilizer for blossoming indoor plants when runaways will grow up enough. Top dressing spend according to the instruction weekly before the flowering termination.

Gloriosa loves very damp air, therefore probably it is necessary to put it on the pallet with water and regularly to spray.

Gloriosa breeds by seeds easily enough, but blossoms only in two-three years. It is also possible to breed Gloriosa by young tubers.

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