The native land is Africa, an island Madagascar, China, Japan, Australia, the South America. In the nature there are more than 80 kinds.

Gerbera Jamesonii – a long-term grassy plant with well developed root system. Leaves form the radical socket, under the form in an outline oval, pointed at the end, deeply lobular. Leaves are covered by silky hairs. Inflorescences – single baskets, on long flowercarring. The flowers are from 5 to 15 sm. in diameter of the diversified colouring (yellow, orange, red, cherry).

On sale are extended hybrids Gerbery Jamson’s (and hybrids of kinds Jamesonii and Viridifolia) .

Gerbera is thermophilic. Contain at temperature nearby 22-24°C, with night fall to 18-20°C in the summer. In the winter at 14-16 °C, a minimum 12°C. Gerbera is exacting to air ventilation.

Gerbera demands solar illumination in the morning or in the evening. In the winter at the warm maintenance, arrange additional illumination. Gerberas blossom in the conditions of short light day.

Watering must be moderated in the summer. The soil should be slightly damp. At watering avoid water to hit in the socket and on leaves. In the winter watering must be limited. Avoid rehumidifying or redrying of an earthen clod. Don’t water Gerbera with cold water.

During flowering feed up with special complex of fertilizers for blossoming indoor plants, every 2 week. It’s possible to use, for example, “Kemiru-lux”.

It’s impossible to spray Gerbera, but it love damp air about 65-70 %, therefore in hot days a pot put on the pallet with a wet pebble.

Breeds by the division of a bush or seeds. It’s necessary artificial pollination for seed reproduction.

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