Geraniums with their graceful finger-dissected leaves on long shanks and with numerous of elegant flowers even more often can be met in gardens.

Sort Geranium of family of the geranaceous is presented by many rather various kinds, suitable for cultivation in a garden, in rock gardens.

The patrimonial name of plant represents latin variant from the Greek word “the crane”, given for similarity of a long seed box to a beak of a crane. In maturing of seeds the basis of a seed box narrowed by the end, cracking, shares on five parts (each of them bears one sunflower seed), bursts and scatters seeds far around. The geranium easily breeds seeds (on their sprouts sow in February-March), and also vegetativy, by bush division in the beginning of spring or in the autumn.

Geranium is occasionally damaged by brown staintivity and by mealy dew.

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