The native land is Southern Africa, China, India. These evergreen bushes or small trees, in the nature is possible to meet about 250 kinds of representatives of a sort of Gardenias.

Taking care about the Gardenias consists in frequent spraying – several times for a day. In the spring with the growth beginning is possible to cut off Gardenia, for formation of a crone of a bush. Leaves of Gardenia can be processed by polyrole for leaves, but is desirable on the basis of vegetative components. In general Gardenia is considered a difficult and whimsical plant to achieve plentiful flowering is necessary to work hard. For example, getting or making a soil mix it is better to check up in advance its acidity, for this purpose in an empty pot fill a few soils and water, when water will flow down it is possible to establish a litmus piece of paper. If you wish to water Gardenia with rain water, It’s better to boil it. In the winter it’s necessary to watch, that on a window sill didn’t blow also the earth in a pot didn’t become too cold.

Gardenia is thermophilic enough, in the winter it contains at temperature nearby 17-18°C, a minimum 16°C, it is desirable not above 22°C, at more heat it is necessary to support very high humidity of air. Avoid sharp fluctuations of temperatures.

Gardenia is photophilous, it is necessary for it for good development and flowering high-grade illumination, with protection against direct solar beams in the summer at hot o’clock in the afternoon. On the direct summer sun leaves of Gardenia become pale yellow or there are burns in the form of brown stains. It’s necessary to put a plant on the most light place in the winter, and direct solar beams aren’t so terrible.

In the spring and in the summer watering must be plentiful, the soil should be slightly wet. In the winter watering must be moderate. Gardenia doesn’t transfer redrying of an earthen clod, but also stagnation of water in roots should be avoided. Water for watering of Gardenia must be warm at any time of the year and necessarily soft. It’s better to use the filtered water or the boiled rain water.

Gardenia needs to be sprayed all the time, but only with warm and soft water. Water during spraying shouldn’t get on buds and flowers. It’s better to place a pot with Gardenia on the pallet with water.

Breeds by shanks which cut off in February – March.

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