The native land the South America. In the nature there are about 20 kinds of decorative-blossoming bulbous plants.

As a pottery plant grow up Freesia hybrida – a plant about 50-60 sm in height, with narrow linear leaves nearby 20 sm. in the length and 2 sm. in width. The flowers are of funnel form, very fragrant, about 6 sm. in diameter. Colouring of flowers can be the diversified: all shades of yellow, red, lilac, violet, white colours. For form maintenance, Freesia’s leaves is required the garter to a support, differently they hang, break and the bush looks not attractively.

In vegetation period the temperature should be in limits 20-25°C. Leaves start to wither and die off, at this time reduce having watered, only occasionally humidifying soil, and within 1-2 months continue to hold in a warm and dry place, during this moment there is a formation of new bulbs. Then bulbs get from the earth and before disembarkation store at temperature nearby 15°C (but not in a refrigerator or a cellar).

It’s necessary the bright sunlight, shadeness isn’t required.

Watering must be plentiful during flowering and moderated during the moment growing bulbs. Avoid excessive dampness, bulbs can easily decay.

Freesia loves damp air, regular spraying especially in hot days is required in the summer (after spraying is necessary to make shade in order the plant not received burns).

Breeds by seeds and bulbs.

It’s possible to use a purchased soil mix for bulbous, or to prepare most of equal parts of the leaves earth, repurulent, peat and sand. The drainage on a bottom is obligatory. And the pot should be very spacious.

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