Forget me not

Forget me not

Assert that the juice of the Forget-me-not has ability to temper steel. The heated edge lowered in juice and held, before coolling. The tempered weapon is such firm after that, that can cut iron.

The flowers of Forget-me-not are small, in the curls, quite often collected in inflorescences, have blue, dark blue color, white color is more rare. Blossoms in May and August, within 40-45 days. The height of a plant is 15-40 sm. Forget-me-not grows better in cool, shady places, on well fertilised damp soil. Under the sun the flowering term is reduced. Forget-me-not breeds by seeds.

It’s known about 50 (under other data, to 80) kinds of this plant. On our earths is extended the forget-me-not field, etc. Many kinds are decorative. Everywhere plant forget-me-not wood, marsh, Alpine.

For manufacturing of medical products the grass needs to be collected during plant flowering. The forget-me-not grass contains vitamins, macro- and microcells, tannins, organic acids. Forget-me-not preparations have anti-inflammatory, stopping-blood, properties. Them use at a bronchitis, bleeding, cough, a pharyngitis, a laryngitis, at ulcers and wounds on a skin. Before application of preparations of the forget-me-not, it’s necessary to consult with the doctor!

Myth and Legend about Forget me not

About an origin of forget-me-nots there are various legends. They tell about the tears spilt by brides by parting with the loved person. These tears turn in blue as their eyes, flowers, and girls give to their beloved as a keepsake.

On extended legend inGermany, forget-me-nots grow on tombs of non-Christian children, as though reproaching parents that they have forgotten to execute this ceremony.

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