The native land is Southern and East Africa (Angola, Namibia). In the nature about 10 kinds.

Fockea is a kaudex plant. At some plants kaudex expands like sphere and reaches more metre in diameter, at others it is extended as a bottle. Stalks thin enough, demand a garter. Moulding opposite, on short shanks, dense of bright green colour, the oval form, pointed at the end, wavy (almost at all kinds, and at Fockea crispa – strongly goffered), with a strongly pronounced central vein. The flowers are small, all to 1,5 sm, fragrant. A fruit is a grey-green pod.

In the summer the temperature should be usual in the room, Fockea well transfers a heat, but on leaves can appear web tick. Fockea requires a dormant period in the dry maintenance at temperatures 8-10ï°C. Some kinds of Fockeas in a dormant period lose leaves.

Fockea requires very light place, at a southern window. Shadeness is required only for kaudex in hot sunny days in the summer (differently it cracks crack and formed). In the nature Fockeas grow both on a full blaze of the sun and under cover of bushes and trees.

Watering must be moderated, the soil should have time to dry out properly. In the winter at a lack of light and with temperature fall having watered almost stop (gradually once a month).

Fockea well responds on regular spraying of leaves (water shouldn’t flow down on kaudex). If the sizes of a plant allow, it’s possible to wash once a week leaves under a shower, having protected the earth and kaudex from a moisture.

Kaudex’s forms breed only by seeds. Rooting of shanks is possible, but plant will not have a kaudex.

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