Flowers for Men

What types of flowers are accepted to give to a man?

Every man knows what types of flowers to give to a women, but not every woman knows what flowers can be given to man. In many people is fastened the persuasion about the fact that it’s not correctly to give flowers to men. But it is not so. Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to give them. First of all it is necessary to learn about preferences and tastes of your dear man or your chief, besides it is necessary to be convinced that this person isn’t suffer with an allergy. The main thing is to compose the bouquet correctly. But before, experienced horticulturist compulsorily will inquire about the temperament of man. If he is restrained, then it is better to present the flowers of calm tones, but if man is “hurricane” and impulsive, then it’s better to give to him the bright saturated flowers.

It is also necessary to pay attention on age. It’s impossible to give to young men conservative bouquets from the roses and carnations (them prefer people at the age), as to elderly people it’s impossible to give the vanguard uncommon bouquets (them usually loves young people). As to opinion of specialists �rich� bouquet – doesn’t mean good. It can be that one beautiful flower, will look better than a lot of small flowers.

It is possible to beat it interesting , and it is better to compose arrangements, complex constructions, in which can be used glass vessels, baskets, metal frames. Man will look ridiculously with the bouquet of small lily of the valleies, holding them in the hands. If you greatly want to give presents to your man, instructor, doctor by the bouquet of flowers, we advise you to acquire flowers on the long stems and you will not be missed, indeed such flowersspeak about the force, courage and nature. This there can be roses, carnations or chrysanthemums. We hope that you will pay attention on our advices.

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