On the native land some of 35 kinds of sorts Ferocactus live till 100 and more years. However, at this age it isn’t spherical, are cactuses in the thickness to 1 m and height in some metres.

Ferocactuses meet in southern states of the USA and Mexico.

The flowers are of red or yellow color, sedentary, flowered in the spring.

In the summer a place very light, in the street solar without shadeness, very warm.

Watering must be usual, in hot weather frequent spraying.

Since October Ferocactuses transfer to a cold place, a dormant period (dry) the best temperature 8-10 °C With without watering and application of fertilizers proceeds from November till February.

Redrying of an earthen clod promotes defeat of plants by the flat red tick and a plant louse in the summer dampness of soil, on the contrary, inevitably leads in the winter to rotting of a root neck and destruction of a plant.

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