This hardy bush in room conditions has versions with green leaves. Blossoms with small white flowers in the end of spring. Fruits in the form of original boxes of bright color. Euonymus has the creeping stalks capable to rooting.

The temperature should be moderated or cool. In the winter for Euonymus the temperature must be minimum 10°C. In a heated premise in the winter it can dump leaves. Expose on open air in a penumbra in the summer.

It’s necessary the bright diffused light with a small amount of direct solar beams. Will approach both the western and east window. At a southern window make shade only at the hottest time.

Watering must be plentiful since spring till the autumn. The soil of Euonymus should be wet all the time. In the winter the watering should be moderate.

Regular spraying is necessary, periodically it’s possible to arrange a warm shower. At the maintenance in the winter in a heated premise with a pot of Euonymus is necessary to put on the pallet with water.

Breeds by shanks in the early spring or seeds in the summer.

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