Family of lily. The native land is tropical Africa (Zanzibar). In the nature are extended some tens of leaves falling and evergreen kinds. In room floriculture were extended only 2 kinds: Drimiopsis maculata and Drimiopsis kirkii.

In the summer the temperature should be usual as in the room, in the winter within 13-14 °C. During a dormant period with temperature fall watering reduce.

It’s necessary the bright light, shade only in the summer at midday time. At a lack of light exposure leaves of Drimiopsis lose staintivity and get light-green coloring.

Watering must be plentiful during flowering and the growth period, very limited in a dormant period (but the earthen clod should not dry up completely).

From time to time leaves of Drimiopsis wash with a sponge from a dust and periodically spray.

Breeds by division of bulbs and leaves in the spring at change.

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