The native land – mountain areas Central and the South America. In the nature is extended about 40 kinds. It is faster hothouse, rather than an indoor plant.

The temperature must be in the summer within 20-25°C, in the winter the cool maintenance at 12-13°C, and Dipladenia friable at lower temperatures 10°C. Approximately in March of a plant transfer in hardly warmer premises, where temperature in limits 16°C.

Dipladenia is a photophilous plant, high-grade solar illumination in the summer is necessary, but at the hottest time in the afternoon is required shadeness.

Watering must be plentiful during the summer period, the earth should not dry up at all. From the autumn till early spring having watered very rare, do not allow only to soil to dry up completely.

From April till September Dipladenia feed up every two week. Complex fertilizer for is decorative-blossoming indoor plants is used.

In growth from March till August spend frequent spraying but so that water didn’t get on the flowers.

Breeds by the shanks which have been cut off in the spring or in the beginning of summer.

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