Different Holidays of Flower

Charm and beauty of flowers appreciated from immemorial time. The flowers surround the person during all his life. Flowers were sung by writers, artists, composers. People suited holidays in honour of flowers for a long time. These holidays exist also in our days.

Holidays in honour of flowers passed in ancient India. In a little changed kind this holiday the holiday of spring (now) exists and today.

Till now in Paris there is a holiday of roses which has arisen in extreme antiquity. The queen of this holiday call Roziera.

Englishmen solemnly celebrate a holiday of forget-me-nots, primroses and pansies.

The bright show represents the holiday of flowers in Venice. Flowers can be seen everywhere: in hairdresses of girls, in wreaths, garlands, etc.

In the first Sunday of March in China and Japan celebrate a holiday of flowers, in February flowering of plums, in March peaches, in April cherries, in June peonies, in October chrysanthemums and maple. Japanese also have devoted national festival to this flower (on 9th of September).

Slavs at the time of paganism had Ivan Travnika’s holiday. It was accompanied by dancings, singing and search of treasures. Girls started up wreaths on the rivers, wishing to learn about the future destiny.

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