Are very effective, unusual and attractive flowers at plants of sort Dicentra, or Diclytra, from family Fumariaceae.

The sort Dicentra totals to 20 kinds which are extended in the North America, China,Korea, Japan.

All these plants have long rhizomes, beautiful plumose leaves and fruits oblong boxes, with small brilliant black seeds. But the main thing – original flowers, not similar on the flowers of other plants. Whole flower of Dicentra is slightly flattened in one plane and is very similar to the heart pierced with an arrow.

Thanks to the characteristic form of the flower the plant has received a lot of interesting and even poetic names. At us more often Dicentra names ” the broken heart “, other name – ” flaring heart ” is less known. In Germany Dicentra names ” a heart flower ” in France ” a heart of Zhanetty “, in Poland – ” a shoe of God’s Mother ” In English language there are a lot of names of this plant, most widespread of them, on sense too ” the broken heart “, but its literal translation – bleeding heart, or the heart which is bleeding profusely.

Plants well water, and then pots dig on beds or place in cold hotbeds where hold to steady colds. With approach of frosts pots transfer to a cellar or in other dark place or put in a refrigerator. The temperature should be nearby 0 °C.

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