The native land Southeast Asia, Australia, and islands of Pacific ocean. The extensive sort numbering nearby 1500 of kinds. Dendrobium – a plant with a strongly pronounced dormant period. Therefore after pseudo-potatoes ripening when it reaches 30-40 sm, having watered reduce.

In culture are extended some kinds of Dendrobium and their hybrids, various on colouring of the flowers.

Dendrobium is a thermophilic plant, in the winter optimum temperature nearby 22-25°C, a night minimum 15°C. In the winter a dormant period at the maintenance in cool conditions – nearby 12°C, depending on a plant kind.

Dendrobiums are photophilous, east and western windows will approach for them, at a southern window it is required shade at the hottest time in the afternoon.

Watering must be plentiful during growth in the spring and in the summer, the soil should be all time damp. Having watered very limited, i.e. almost dry maintenance in the winter.

Dendrobium requires humidity of air about 60 % and above, therefore it is better for placing on the pallet with water or a wet pebble.

Breeds by division.

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