The native land is Southern Africa. In the nature about 120 kinds of plants in the form of small bushes with leaves.

Delosperma echinatum – with thin rising stalks, height to 30 sm. Leaves are located crosswisely, are of egg or the spherical form, length about 1,5 sm. Leaves of bright green colour, are covered so-called papillas – transparent grow skin. The impression that on leaves there are bristles. The flowers are single of white colour or yellowish, about 1,5 sm in diameter. This kind is most adapted for room conditions.

The temperature should be moderated. In the winter a dormant period at temperature 10-12°C, a minimum 8°C, at the dry maintenance. High-grade solar illumination all time is necessary.

Watering must be moderated in vegetation. Water very cautiously, from surplus of water roots easily rot. In a dormant period watering stop absolutely.

These plants transfer well dry air, but in the summer in especially hot days is possible to spray air round plants from very small spray.

Change, only if roots have filled all pot.

Breeds by the seeds sowed in December – January.

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