Dahlias have been delivered to Europe from Mexico in XVIII century; today them everywhere grow up both on beds. All cultural forms dahlias occur from one kind of a sort of the Dahlia uniting 20 kinds, – dahlias changeable (Dahlia variabilis) and conditionally share on 2 big groups of grades and the garden forms used as ornamental plant for registration of flowerbeds.

Sometimes Dahlias temporarily grow up as pottery – on a balcony or a terrace. Decorative dahlias blossom from the beginning of summer till the end of October, happen different height from 50 to 150 sm. Colouring of the flowers varies from red to pink, from purple to violet, from yellow to the orange. For cutting choose grades of Dahlias which are not growing above 50 sm.

To this plant is required a very well light place, even under direct solar beams, and – well aired . At light lack there is excessively intensive growth of runaways to the detriment of flowering.

The most frequent illnesses of Dahlias – rotting of roots and grey decay. Watch that between plants water did not stand. At landing observe distance, do not overfeed with fertilizers, it can lead to excessive growth of runaways.

There are some virus diseases slowing down growth and causing occurrence on leaves of yellowy-brown stains and rings. As virus illnesses are incurable, the amazed plant needs to be thrown out only to avoid virus distribution. Dangerous wreckers: the plant louses, causing deformation of leaves and stalks.

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