Family of amaryllis. The native land is Southern Africa. In the nature exists about 100 kinds. Crinum is the smart blossoming plant approaches for cultivation in greenhouses and winter gardens, than in apartments more. Not only because plants reach the huge sizes, the main reason – necessity of cold wintering. Blossom usually in July – September. Crinum doesn’t lose leaves during a dormant period and badly transfer to a scrap of leaves.

In vegetation period the optimum temperature must be 17-20°C. In a dormant period contain at 8-10°C in dryness.

The bright diffused light is necessary. Shade from a direct sunlight.

Watering must be plentiful during flowering – the soil all time should be damp. However avoid rehumidifying, Crinum, as well as all amaryllis it is sensitive to surplus of a moisture. In a dormant period having watered practically stop, more precisely, water very seldom that fleshy roots did not dry up absolutely. In the summer leaves periodically spray and wipe a damp sponge.

Breeds by affiliated bulbs in the summer. At separatting bulbs try not to damage roots. Cuts process pounded coal. Young plants only for 3-4 year blossom.

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