The native land is New Zealand. As room, to be exact, the hothouse plant is grown up a kind – Corynocarpus laevigatus – an evergreen bush, easy enough in cultivation with is oval-extended skiny leaves on extended shanks, at flowering forms whitish ordinary-looking inflorescences. In room conditions grows on the average on 1,5 – 2 metres in height. As well as the majority of indoor plants doesn’t love draughts.

This plant is thermophilic, optimum temperature must be 18-20°C, in the winter minimum 12-14°C.

Corynocarpus is photophilous, prefers a bright diffused light, but protection against direct solar beams is necessary. The best place in immediate proximity a southwest, southeast window – behind a tulle curtain. In the winter the light premise also is necessary, shadeness is necessary to clean till March.

Watering must be plentiful since spring till the autumn. In the winter the moderated. During the period of growth in the spring – spend fertilizer waterings once in two weeks in the summer, using liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.

Corynocarpus demands very high humidity of air, it should be considered, if indoors there is a central heating. Spray it twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. It’s even better to put a pot with Corynocarpus on the pallet with water. At too dry air the plant can dump leaves.

Breeds by top shanks in the spring and in the summer.

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