Cool Facts of Flowers

Flowers of Iris are known since the most ancient times. On island Crete there is a fresco with Irises, which is about 4000 years. The flower has received the name in ancient Greece by name of goddesses Iridy which as the envoy of gods descended on rainbow on the earth.

 Roses – the most bloody flowers. Without speaking about war of Scarlet and White roses, roses gardens are till now a subject of terrible contentions between English gardeners.

 Crocus name a flower of Pharaons. From one kind of Crocus receive the most ancient, surprising and mystical spice — saffron.

 Tulip’s fever: in Holland in a XVII-th century there was a huge demand for bulbs of Tulips. Demand has reached such level that for one bulb paid to 4600 florins. The pig at that time cost 30 florins and a cow — 100. For bulbs gave houses and jewelry. As a result of stockjobbings as a result there was the collapse of the market which has ruined set of citizens. The state has decided to stop this madness and in 1637 has forbidden to sale theTulips.

Other facts:

 Before occurrence of modern materials, in life jackets were used the stalks of Sunflower.

 Bulb of Tulip can be used instead of onions for preparation.

 The chrysanthemum is represented on the weapon of Japan and flags. Japanese also have devoted national festival to this flower (on 9th of September).

 The biggest orchid in the world an can reach 20 metres in length.

 There are orchids almost of all colours, is even black and green. Here only a dark blueorchidwas not possible by selectors to deduce it yet.

 80 % of different kinds of flowers growing in rainforests of Australia, don’t meet more anywhere in the world.

 In the Andes (South America) is surprising plant Puya raimondii. It blossoms only one time — when is of 150 years old and after that – dies.

 Wild rose Rosa Acicularis can be met around an Arctic circle.

The most expensive flower is the Gold orchid, blossoming the first time at the age of 15 years. This plant grows in Malaysia on Kinabalu mountain. The price for one orchid is about 5 000 dollars.

 Most of all roses in the world – about 3 million – is on sale in the Valentine’s day.

 In Japan deduced the rose, at which in the afternoon the petals are of bright red color and in the evening of the white color. The grade is named “Chameleon”.

The greatest single rose – white bush Lady Banks in the USA, the State of Arizona — occupies the space equal to a football ground. During a season of flowering it becomes covered more than 200 thousand of flowers. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records measure it every year.

 Buds of the smallest rose of a grade of “Si” (in Spanish – “Yes”) is not bigger than a rice.

 Library Konfutsija totaled about 600 volumes about roses.

 There are so many miracles in the nature that all of them, of course, isn’t possible to re-read. There is a tree, which grows in India, it’s name – “deceive a stomach“. And it is valid, having eaten 1-2 its leaflet, the person feels satiety throughout the whole week in spite of the fact that in leaves there are no nutrients.

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