A fine indoor plant which can be got in shop blossoming at any time year. Some Chrysanthemums with different coloring flowers made in group especially beautifully look.

The flowers at chrysanthemums can be simple and terry, the diversified shades – red, pink, purple, yellowish and it is poisonous yellow and white. It is possible to tell that inflorescences happen all colours, except blue. At cultivation in pots the plant reaches heights of 25-30 sm.

Chrysanthemum loves a cool premise nearby 10-15°C. At more heats, chrysanthemums will blossom, but flowering isn’t so plentiful also will be short.

Crysanthemum loves light, it’s necessary to make shade from direct solar beams at the hottest time.

Watering must be plentiful – the soil should be damp all the time, but not too crude.

Chrysanthemum loves periodic spraying. More likely from hygienic reasons, rather than for humidifying.

Breeds by shanks, seeds and bush division.

Sometimes happens so, to you have presented the cut off Chrysanthemums or you have brought them from a garden, and they while stood in water have given roots (it concerns small floral grades of Chrysanthemums). In this case after change of shanks in a pot, it’s necessary to cut them at height to 10-15 sm.

If not to observe the rules of cultivation of room Chrysanthemums, not to maintain in the winter the necessary temperature, not to replace and not to feed up, plants will not blossom or flowering will be short and not considerable.

Myth and Legend about Chrysanthemum

The legend says that in hoary antiquity when China rules the severe emperor, has taken place hearing that on somebody island grows the chrysanthemum from which juice is possible to prepare a vital elixir. But to cut the flower should only the person with a sincere heart, differently the plant will lose miracle force.

On island have sent 300 young men and girls. But it isn’t known, whether they have found that plant. Nobody has returned, the mikado has died, and the youth has based on that island the new state – Japan.
In Japan, its image is included into the national arms, it is a sun symbol. Chrysanthemum’s award – the higher award of this country.

Chrysanthemum’s medical properties

In Japan, China, Mongoliawith Chrysanthemums not only decorate gardens, but also widely used for treatment. Chrysanthemums of lilac-violet color are especially curative.

These flowers are as though vegetative hormones. Smell inhalation, addition in food of petals — the best treatment of the hormonal insufficiency, the broken hormonal exchange. To men and women advise to admire, hold in the house, to add in food these vegetative hormones — and then climax displays will be soft, physiologic.

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