Family of lily. The native land is the South America. Chlorophytum is one of the most widespread indoor plants. It isn’t surprising: it quickly grows, at it the beautiful bent leaves, and in the spring and in the summer on thin stalks there are at first small white flowers, and then tiny sockets of leaves. They can be separated and implanted. One more reason of popularity of Chlorophytum – its endurance. Chlorophytum concerns to photophilous plants.

Chlorophytum comosus grow up in many countries as an indoor plant more than two hundred years. The bent leaves form the beautiful wide socket. On long flowers affiliated sheet sockets grow. Chlorophytum it is possible to grow up as in halls or on ladder flights, and in bathrooms if there there is a window.

The temperature must be moderated. In the winter not more low 18°C. Certainly unpretentious Chlorophytum will not be lost at adverse temperatures, but it will necessarily affect on its appearance. From cold draughts, or maintenances of nearby not warmed window harm to a plant.

The bright diffused light is necessary. Well grows about east or western window. Can grow and at northern window, but in too dark place the plant loses decorative appeal. At a southern window it is necessary shadeness.

Watering must be plentiful since spring till the autumn. The soil must be damp all the time. Watering must be moderated in the winter.

In the summer from time to time is useful to spray the leaves and arrange a warm shower. It’s obligatory spraying if the plant grows near to heating system.

Breeds by rooting of affiliated sockets, and also division at change.

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