Champions among the flowers

The biggest flowers — Rafflezia tyan-mudae and Rafflezia arnoldii. These kinds concerns to family of raffleziacea and are extended on islands Sumatras, Java, Kalimantan, the Philippine archipelago and Malay peninsula. These plants — parasites. They exhaust nutrients from root systems of other plants. Rafflezia’s flower — petals are very big, they have dark red color and the specific unpleasant smell reminding the smell of decaying meat (these “features” involve insects – pollinaters).

For a rank of the biggest (at the same time and the worst smell) flower with Rafflezia can argue only Indonesian giant Amorphophallus titanum. According to some information its flowers reach 1,5 metres in diameter.

The smallest floral plant — Wolffia arrhiza. It grows on reservoirs of Africa and Asia. Wolffia without roots represents small eleptic formation with a diameter about in one millimetre.

The biggest inflorescence has a plant Puya raimondii, growing in rainforests of Bolivia. The plant has very small flowers, but those are collected in large quantity (to 10 000) in the big inflorescences. The length of such inflorescence reaches to 10 metres, and thickness – 2 metres (in diameter).
The biggest Orchid in the world can reach 20 metres in length.


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