Family of the palm. The native land is Central America. The sort includes about 100 kinds. It’s one of the palm trees most adapted for the room maintenance as slowly enough grows and well transfers some shade. Besides, this palm tree blossoms at young age. Chamaedoreas often sell already blossoming. In room conditions Chamaedorea grows to 1 m and takes not a lot of place. Flowering isn’t connected with seasons.

The temperature must be moderated 16-20°C, in the winter (from October till February) cool nearby 12-15°C. For the summer a plant take out in a garden or on a balcony on fresh air with obligatory shadeness from direct solar beams. It’s necessary to avoid draughts.

It’s necessary the light place, an easy penumbra, protection against direct solar beams is obligatory. In a room the place about east, western or northern window approaches.

Watering must be plentiful in the spring and in the summer, in the winter moderated or limited, but having watered directly the temperature indoors depends on air temperature, the above, the more moisture it is required to a plant.

From March till August make fertilizer waterings in 2 weeks, liquid fertilizer for window plants.

Regularly spray, two-three times a day. Chamaedoreas love very damp air, at dry air (especially if there are central heating radiators) this plant often is surprised the web tick.

Breeds by seeds, at temperature not more low 24°C, it is better to do crops in hothouses, also breeds by root offsprings.

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