The native land are tropics and subtropics of Central and the South America, Mexico. In the nature is about 150 kinds evergreen “leaves-falling” bushes and small trees.

Cestrum elegans – an evergreen bush, to 1,5 m in height, with hanging, downy runaways. Leaves are of oval form, from the bottom party downy. Flowers are collected in umbellate inflorescences. A flower nimbus red, to 2,5 sm in length. Blossoms during the period from April till September, plentifully enough.

In the summer the temperature should be moderated, it is desirable not above 20°C. In the winter Cestrum contain in cool conditions approximately 12-14°C, a minimum 10°C.

Cestrumis a photophilous plant, however in the summer can burn from the direct solar beams. Well grows on bright disseminated to light.

If it’s too dark for the plant, on it it is not a lot of leaves, it badly blossoms. Having watered should be plentiful in the summer. In growth the earth should be all time damp. In the winter having watered very moderated.

From May till September feed up with special liquid fertilizers for blossoming indoor plants, every week.

Cestrum requires periodic spraying.

Cestrum breeds by shanks and seeds in the beginning of spring.

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