Sort of annual and long-term grassy plants of family Paslyonovye which are grown up as annuals, with effective colorful flowers. Plants of numerous cultural versions grow quickly enough. Grades of Petunias are subdivided into 2 groups: Grandiflora Multiflora. Petunias differ by very large flowers, 8-10 sm. in diameter, but the flowers suffer from rains, therefore […]

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There are over 30 kinds of Peonies. On a structure of the flower Peonies are united in 5 groups, all can be grown up in an open ground. Peonies love a solar and spacious site. They should be removed from trees and bushes, and also from each other to provide a good food and air […]

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The foothill landscapes of Peru filled in with the sun are the native land only for some kinds. In total sort Passiflora totals more than 400 kinds which most part grows in other South American countries. Only few of them can be met in Asia and Australia. Some almost winter-hardy forms grow in subtropical areas […]

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Pandanus demands a lot of place and effectively looks only as a single plant. For this purpose, who loves unpretentious fast-growing plants, Pandanus will approach in the best way. Pandanus is often confuse with bromelias and Draceanas. Pandanus differs by presence of air roots which as props support a plant trunk. Round the trunk are […]

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Family of baobabs. The native land is the South America. This plant is new enough for the USA. Isn’t often meets in the literature. On sale is often possible to meet Pachira in some trunks bound among themselves. As a rule, Pachiras are expensive plants as their cultivation demands the big efforts. The temperature should […]

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  The Latin name of a sort reflects sour taste of a plant (lat. oxys — “sharp”). The sort totals about 800 kinds growing in Southern Africa, Southern and Central America, and only some kinds meet occasionally in the Central Europe. These are annual and perennial plants. Curious feature of Oxalis are its beautiful pink […]

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amily of Orchideacea. These decorative-blossoming plants are allocated in special group. Those who has been obedient of their beauty magic flowers, becomes faster the collector of these remarkable plants. An Orchid-long-term grassy plants, it comefrom the tropical countries with roast andatemperate climate. Orchids are appreciated not only for beauty of the flowers of the most different shades […]

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The plant has received the name from Greek “nerion” – damp, crude. The native land – subtropical areas of the Mediterranean. An evergreen high bush with flexible branches. The flowers publish pleasant and strong aroma, but at plentiful flowering the plant is better not to leave for the night in premises. All operations, whether it […]

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Sort of Odontoglossum is well known to everyone who is interested in orchids. There are about 250 kinds. Meeting mainly at height more than 1500 m above sea level on the slopes of tropical mountain areas covered with woods from Mexico to the north of the South America . Already only that at different kinds the flowering period […]

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This beautiful plant concerns to the family of Bromeliaceae. There are about 20 kinds, however some from them were extended in quality of indoor plants. This sort of the family of bromeliaceae grows in east Brazil. Nidularium requires all year long in the warm maintenance. Even in the winter the temperature shouldn’t fall more low […]

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