Cananga Odorata

Cananga Odorata

The native land: Philippines, Indonesia, Madagascar. The tree of Cananga Odorata comes from islands of Pacific Ocean is a tropical plant. And therefore well grows in conditions of the raised humidity. To put it it is necessary in a spacious pot, it is obligatory with a good drainage. Cananga Odorata loves fresh air, conditions of its cultivation should be as much as possible approached to the hothouse.

A trunk of a straight line about 3 m in height and more, the bark has a serovato-silvery shade. Branches a bit hanging. Leaves are of dark green color, to 20 sm in length, the oblong form, pointed at the end with wavy edge. The flowers are about 8 sm in diameter, very fragrant, at first chartreuse, then bright yellow. Forms the greenish fleshy fruits reminding olives, nearby 2 sm in diameter.

The temperature must be in limits 18-27°C during the spring-year-old period at plentiful watering. In the winter in limits 12-14°C, but not low than 10°C. – a dormant period it is desirable not less 2 months.

It’s necessary the bright sunlight. In the winter probably additional illumination.

Watering must be plentiful in the summer, in the winter at temperature fall – moderated that the soil have time to dry out from above.

From March till August of times in a month of top dressing by fertilizer for blossoming plants.

It is better to put a pot on a wide tray with water, humidity should be not more low 60 %.

Breeds by seeds. And fresh seeds should have a complete rest. Before crops it is better to presoak seeds in hot water.

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